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Wholesale Hydroponics Equipment

Today, growers of all types are looking for ways that they can gain an advantage over other farmers. One of the methods of farming that is continually increasing in popularity is known as hydroponics. This allows for growing plants in water with a mineral nutrient solution rather than needing to grow those plants in soil. This provides a range of advantages, including easier labor, more control, and the ability to save a substantial amount of space.

Of course, in order to get any hydroponics operation off the ground, regardless of the size, you need to have all of the right equipment available and ready to go. Those who are interested in carrying wholesale hydroponics equipment will find a wide range of options available from Danner Manufacturing.

Water Pumps

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When it comes to water pumps, you will find several quality options available through Danner Mfg. including pumps that are specifically for growers, recirculating water pumps, and cloning pumps with spray heads. Danner Mfg. always makes sure to offer only the highest quality products, not only for water pumps but for all of the other items that we make and sell.

The water pumps will help to ensure proper circulation of your hydroponics operation. The number of pumps you will need and where they will need to be located will vary based on the size and type of operation you are running, of course. You should not have any trouble finding the ideal water pumps for the setup that you are hoping to create.

Air Pumps

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Other items essential for a quality hydroponics setup will be air pumps. Again, you will be able to put your trust and faith in all of the air pumps manufactured by Danner Mfg. The air pumps will be essential to making sure that you have enough oxygen in the water at all times to keep the plants growing and healthy. Dirty water that does not have enough oxygen for the plants to thrive would mean a lower yield and more problems with your crop in general.

Because there are different types of operations and needs, you will find that we have two different types of air pumps. You can find a high volume air pump and a low volume air pump.


Ebb & Flow Kits

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The ebb & flow kit that we offer will be able to make it easier for you to adjust the height of your ebb & flow fittings. This has the potential to make your gardening work even easier. This is a simple tool that can help to improve your hydroponics operation, and it has the same level of quality that can be expected from all of the other items offered through Danner Mfg. Once you have installed the kit, which comes with 2.5” and 8” adjustable fill/drain screens, you can easily adjust the fill height of the water in the flood table. If you need to have something in between those two sizes, you can simply use a hacksaw and cut down the 8” piece until it meets your requirements.


Dewatering Pumps

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Another piece of wholesale hydroponics equipment that you might want to have available is a dewatering pump. We have two options available – the 300 GPH dewatering pump and the 1400/1900 GPH dewatering pump. It is easy to carry and use thanks to the lightweight design. Still, it is a sturdy piece of equipment that has the same type of quality one would expect from Danner Mfg. items.


Both of the available models have a 25’ power cord and both are entirely submersible. It is able to remove water to 1/8”, and you can attach it to a garden quickly and easily. It’s oil-free, so you do not have to worry about oil getting into the water and causing any issues with the plants you are trying to grow.


One thing to keep in mind is that this is not a piece that is built for continuous duty. Once it has completed its job, turn it off, remove it, unplug it, and store it away until you need to use it again.


Pump Maintenance, Replacement Parts, and Accessories

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Whether you have a couple of pumps, or you have a massive operation, you want to be sure that you keep them all cleaned and maintained properly, of course. Danner Mfg. not only manufactures the parts that you need for the hydroponics garden but also manufactures a cleaner called Supreme Hydro-Clean. This is a safe cleaner for all of the equipment that is used in a hydroponics operation. It is safe to use with rubber, PVC, ceramic, plastic, copper, and nickel. It can even be used with stainless steel short-term. It cannot be used on aluminum surfaces, though. This is the perfect way to make sure that your hydroponics setup is nice and clean.


In addition to maintenance for cleaning, we can offer a range of different types of replacement parts. These include rotors for different types of pumps, impellers, tubing, covers, and more. Some of the different types of accessories offered through Danner Mfg. include air diffusers, tubing and check valves, and air stones.


About Danner Manufacturing

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Danner Mfg. is not new to the field of creating products for aquatic water care in the United States. In fact, the company first started all the way back in 1934 in New York. It is a family-owned business started by Eugene G. Danner and it has been a part of the family all the way through to the current CEO, Rosemarie Danner.


Over the years, our company has been improving the quality of our products. Today, we offer a range of consumer-grade and commercial grade options for aquatic care of all types. Some of the most popular brands that are associated with Danner Mfg. include Pondmaster, ProLine, Supreme, and Pool-Care.

With the quality wholesale hydroponics equipment and prices that you can find through our company, we could have just what you need for your own customers. Get in touch today to learn more about how you can start carrying our products for your customers.


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