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Wholesale Pool Equipment

Are you a pool manufacturer? Do you install pools or maintain pools for your clients? If you do, then you know how important it is to make sure that you have all of the right equipment on hand for the pool. There are many different pieces of wholesale pool equipment that you might eventually need to carry for your customers. We at Danner Manufacturing can provide you with all of the items that those customers will need, or that you might need to help keep their pools in great shape.

Pool Cover Pumps

Contact us & Become a DealerAfter the end of winter, one of the most exciting times for your customers is to open up their backyard pool and get it ready for a great summer. However, it is important to make sure that you have a quality cover pump that can help to get this started the right way. We offer a high-quality pump that is clog-resistant and that is available in four different pumping capacities. This means it should be possible to find those that will work for any size pool cover


The Cover-Care Automatic 360 is available as 300 GPH, 350 GPH, 360 GPH, and 500 GPH. The pump can detect the water level and operate automatically. It features a magnetic drive motor, and it is entirely submersible. The pump is able to detect water at two inches, and it can then turn off the pump automatically. It will quickly and easily connect to any 3/4” garden hose thread. The maximum pumping height for the pump is 9’.

Utility Pumps

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Utility pumps are another item that you are likely to need to carry for your customers. With the wholesale pool equipment from Danner Mfg., you can find a number of quality pumping sources that are durable and powerful. They will make it fast and easy for you to remove water from the pool’s main drain, and to remove water from the pool cover. In addition, you will find that these pumps can be helpful for removing water from just about any undesirable location. This includes basements that have floors, flooded homes, and more.

Danner Mfg. offers a durable pool main drain utility pump that can drain saltwater and chlorinated water from in-ground swimming pools. Our pump has a slotted basket base that measures less than 5.5” in diameter, so it should not have any problem fitting into a standard 8” main drain. The maximum flow rate for the pump is 5373 GPH. You will be pleased with just how quickly and efficiently this is able to remove water from the pool.

The pump has an integrated carrying handle, so it is easy to carry with you, and it has a 25’ cord. The pump is entirely submersible, naturally. This is a durable option that will work well for many pools.


Another option from Danner Mfg. is the 6MSP Utility/Pool Pump. This is a high-quality, lightweight option that is able to fit into an 8” main drain and most pool bottom drains. It has a carry handle and is completely submersible. Fittings for the pool vacuum hose and the garden hose are included. This is not a pump that is used for continuous duty. It should also be noted that this is for freshwater use only.

You might always want to have our tethered float switch available. This switch can work with either the main drain utility pump we offer or the 6MSP Utility/Pool Pump. It will mount easily to the pump. It includes the stainless steel mounting clamp and clip that are needed to affix it to the pump.

LED Spillway

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In addition to taking proper care of the pool and ensuring that it is running properly, pool owners also want to make sure that their pool looks great and that it has decorative features that help it to stand apart. The LED Spillway we offer could be a fantastic option to consider.


This is a self-contained spillway that will work well for in-ground pools, as well as in a number of other areas around the property. For example, you might want to use this for waterfalls, a pond, retaining walls, and more.


The spillway features a three-watt LED light bar that only consumes a small amount of energy. It imbues the water that flows from it with a beautiful blue appearance, which looks truly stunning in the evening. It connects easily, it looks great, and it could be a great addition to carry for your customers.


About Danner Manufacturing

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Your customers want their pools to be pristine, beautiful, and ready to go as soon as possible. That’s why you need to make sure that you have all of the wholesale pool equipment you need to ensure that your customers are given priority. The sooner they are happy, the sooner you get paid. It can also help with your reviews.

Danner Mfg. has been able to build and maintain a solid reputation in the many decades since the company started. This family business provides a wide range of products for pools, along with a host of other water features and aquatic needs. Whether you have a small customer base, a large base, or anything in between, we pride ourselves on ensuring you have what you need. We always aim to develop and offer only the best tools possible in the field. This makes you a happy customer, which in turn makes your own customers happy.

The brands that fall under Danner Mfg. are some of the best-known in the business, including Pondmaster and ProLine. With the quality options, you will be able to find what you need for your pool business. Check out all of the other options that are available through our company, as well, for different replacement parts and pieces that you might need to carry. Having the right equipment will make all the difference in the world to the satisfaction of your customers. Always make it a point to buy and carry the best.

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