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Pool-Care App-Controlled Multi-Color LED Spillway

INTRODUCING THE POOL-CARE APP-CONTROLLED MULTI-COLOR LED SPILLWAY for Inground Pools, Retaining Walls and anywhere else you desire the beauty and tranquility of soothing flowing water. The Pool-Care App-Controlled Multi-Color LED Spillway is iOS and Android compatible using the Smart Life App, which is available for free within the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Connect to Smart Life utilizing the Spillway's integrated 2.4 GHz WiFi controller (no secondary hub required) to control the lighting within the LED Spillway, now making your mobile device your remote control. This eliminates the need for a separate remote and the hassle of changing batteries or losing it.

Explore the infinite color possibilities within Smart Life and its adjustable color and temperature settings to suit your needs. It features 8 pre-programmed scenes: 4 scenes designed as Night, Reading, Party and Leisure while the other 4 scenes; Soft, Rainbow, Shine and Gorgeous can be adjusted based on your mood. You can also set up multiple schedules to turn the lighting on/off according to your desired preset time. Schedules can be repeated daily or weekly. 

Keeping up with current trends, Smart Life also works with voice control via Amazon Echo, Alexa, Google Home and Assistant. You can also add and control multiple LED Spillways at one time within the Smart Life App.

Item # 10703