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Supreme Skilter Protein Skimmers

For Saltwater Aquariums

The patented Supreme Skilter™ is a unique combination of a protein skimmer and an aerating power filter for use in saltwater aquariums. It’s an effective primary or supplemental filter along with its operation as a skimmer.
The advanced venturi-type protein skimmer reflects the latest technology. Air is injected into the water creating millions of very fine bubbles. Potentially dangerous protein compounds and toxins adhere to the bubbles creating a froth. This frothy waste pushes its way up into the ­collection tray where it can be harmlessly disposed of.
The Skilter is built on a basic power filter platform. It features a large filter box, which can accommodate supplemental filter media in conjunction with the unique Bio-Matrix filter cartridge. It is powered by a powerful state-of-the-art motor using a single moving part. It is energy-efficient and economical to operate. Manufactured from high impact plastic, the Skilter will give years of trouble-free operation, even in the adverse conditions which are common to saltwater aquariums.

Item # 01031