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This is one of the biggest selling categories we have, and it is likely one of, if not, the reasons that you are considering Danner Mfg for your water maintenance product supply. Whether your business services consumer-grade applications or commercial operations, aquarium water pumps are consistently one of the products most parties require. To be fair, few people purchase an aquarium just to keep a pool of water sitting around and instead fill their aquariums with varieties of life, both flora and fauna.

While this may present a beautiful and relaxing display, it also has a tendency to get fairly messy and can easily become unsafe for the different creatures living within the aquarium. Of course, there is a big difference between the smaller aquarium a child keeps on his or her nightstand and the larger, far more impressive aquariums that corporate headquarters use for aesthetic purposes. The one thing that both settings have in common is a dire need not only for an aquarium water pump but a water pump suited for their particular arrangement.

That is why Danner Mfg provides a wide range of different solutions for different aquatic needs. Granted, all of our aquarium water pumps come out of the in-house Supreme brand, but they will provide nuanced solutions to your customers’ issues. Keep in mind, the “strongest” or “most GPH” or “best aerating” aquarium water pumps sound great, but they may actually do as much damage as they solve depending on the customer’s aquarium system.

Your clients, as well as their finned friends, are also liable to be sensitive to various other qualities that do not necessarily impact the performance of the aquarium water pump. A prime example of this is the head length which can range from as little as a few inches to multiple feet. While the larger aquarium water pumps will generally provide significantly more water flow, they can also suffer from quicker wear and tear as the motor or pumping mechanism have to work hard to pump the water upwards against the resistance of gravity. For customers who are exceptionally price-conscious, the decreased durability that often accompanies aquarium water pumps with taller heads will play a much bigger role in their decision--even if their aquarium system would do best with a larger water pump that has a taller head.

It is also worth remembering that many species of fish actually require a certain grade of water current to survive. Granted, this will generally center more on the commercial aquarium systems that are more likely to include rarer types of fish in a larger container, but plenty of fish owners provide additional benefits for their fish that are not strictly required for survival but still provide a better quality of life.

Still, Danner Mfg is committed to assisting all water maintenance systems, and that drive does not stop simply because people are complicated. Whether you need a higher-end aquarium water pump like the magnetically driven models or a more traditional will do just fine, Danner Mfg offers a solution to all of you customer’s water pumping needs.


Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pumps

Supreme Aqua-Mag Air Fractionating Water Pumps 

Supreme Aquarium Water Pumps

The Aquarium Pump

Aquarium Filters - Supply from Manufacturer

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Aquariums have unique requirements due to the fact that they are both a closed system as well as one designed to support life. This being the case, an aquarium is far more likely to suffer one of a multitude of issues from pH imbalances to oxygen desaturation to a build-up of algae, bacteria, and other contaminants. Without a proper filtration system in place, this life within the aquarium could definitely die, but even if it does not die, the life within can still suffer decreased health and sociability issues as clean resources become scarce.

Like with most other products designed to be used in aquariums, this is especially important for saltwater fish which are often more sensitive to these kinds of imbalances. For Danner Mfg, the primary aquarium filter brand is the in-house Supreme brand, and this brand of aquarium filters comes in a number of different arrangements. Again, this is important to your customers and potential customers, because some aquarium systems will require one type of filter over another--though this is just as often due to operational limitations of the aquarium system as it is out of necessity.

That is why making sure to have a wide range of different Supreme aquarium filters is a good idea: for one, aquarium products are likely to be one of the more common consumer-grade sellers. On top of that, not every customer can afford to provide the ideal aquarium system for their wildlife. This means they may need to either use a filter that is stronger than would normally be used or a filter that maximizes a limited amount of space.

It is a good thing that Danner Mfg has the experience necessary not only to provide the various types of aquarium filters used but to do so at such a high level. Whether you need the filter in the aquarium tank or out, powerful for extra-dirty fish or just a calm and peaceful skimmer, Danner Mfg has you covered. Call today to find out how you can become an authorized dealer of Supreme and other Danner Mfg branded aquarium filtration products.


Supreme Skilter Protein Skimmers

Supreme Ovation Power Jet Filters

Supreme EZ Clean External Aquarium Filter

Supreme EZ Clean Internal Aquarium Filter

Aquarium Air Pumps - Supply from Manufacturer

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Unlike other water maintenance systems, aquariums are far more likely than other settings to require additional pumps and filters. This is largely due to the fact that the often smaller space will also regularly house numerous living organisms. Unless they have an incredibly short and broad aquarium tank, chances are your customers’ water maintenance system could do with some upgrades. While some fish and aquatic flora fare better in dirty water than others, few living organisms are able to sustain long without enough oxygen.

However, because fewer aquariums--especially those designed for consumer-grade applications--require an additional pump simply to increase the oxygen saturation in an aquarium system, Danner Mfg does not really focus on this niche as much as some of the others within the aquarium product lineup.

One main instance when an aquarium air pump is explicitly indicated is if your customer is using an air-based water filter. And of course, many customers simply find a visible stream of bubbles to be relaxing or aesthetically pleasing--both of which are solid reasons to keep aquarium air pumps on hand. To this end, we do still offer a solid high and low volume air pump within our Aquarium brand, Supreme. If you service primarily consumer-grade customers, you may not necessarily put as much stock in this category.

That said, if you have customers with larger bodies of water or who have unconventional aquarium systems, you might want to just play it safe and stay stocked up on both types of aquarium air pumps. Though, it is likely a good idea to have some low volume air pumps on hand just in case. If you are interested in becoming a dealer of Danner Mfg aquarium air pumps, contact us for free today.


Supreme Oxy-Flo High Volume Air Pumps

Supreme Oxy-Flo Low Volume Air Pumps 

About Danner Manufacturing

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Danner Mfg is one of the oldest and most experienced manufacturers of aquatic water care and maintenance products in the US. From our humble beginnings in New York in 1934 to this very day, Danner Mfg is a family-owned business starting with our eponymous founder, Eugene G. Danner, and continuing to the present and beyond with our current CEO Rosemarie Danner.

Danner’s founder perfectly embodied the philosophy of our company as well as the principles upon which this country was founded. Working in his spare time after a day’s work at his full-time job as a factory supervisor, Eugene Danner personally solicited his company’s products to the new department stores that sprouted up at the time.

Thanks to a growing popularity with hobby aquariums and other water-based decorative and recreational systems, Danner Mfg parlayed the goodwill it earned with its early products to enter the consumer water system maintenance more broadly and quickly became one of the most well-known, respected, and trusted brands in water system maintenance today.

In fact, Danner Mfg covers pretty much every consumer-level water maintenance system as well as many commercial-grade product lines as well. Some of the more well-known brands falling under the Danner Mfg umbrella include Pondmaster, ProLine, Supreme, and Pool-Care. In fact, even within these larger brands, there are numerous sub-brands that offer either a more robust performance or a more specialized functionality. These sub-brands include the environmentally friendly Pondmaster Eco and the self-sustainable Supreme Hydro brand for hydroponic systems.

Of course, the Danner family has a long history within this market, with Eugene’s son Michael setting up Danner’s first manufacturing factory in Brooklyn, NY. Likewise, Michael’s sister, Catherine Danner, has also played a pivotal role in the development and design of Danner products--many of which won awards inside the industry and out.

With Michael’s daughter Rosemarie now at the helm and a family legacy of not only producing top-tier water maintenance products but also leading the industry in the way of innovation, Danner Mfg has a bright future ahead. If you would like to join the team with almost a century of experience and a firm foundation for the future, contact us today toll-free to find out more about how to become a dealer and what kind of products your customers might need.


Unless they are an experienced enthusiast, there is a good chance many of your customers will not know which products are the best for their purposes. The various water system maintenance niches and markets require idiosyncratic solutions to unique problems, and you need to turn to a company that not only offers the products demanded but also has deep knowledge of your consumer base. Understanding what products your customers actually want and which they actually need--and knowing the difference between the two--is one of the biggest challenges any business faces.

That is why Danner Mfg not only produces products for various markets but makes it a point to cover as many different market niches as well, because selling quality products only matters if those products cater to particular needs. Thankfully, when it comes to fountain maintenance, Danner Mfg not only understands what the customer needs, due to Danner’s experience, they also see what the customer might need that they do not yet have.

Within our products meant for fountains, we offer primarily pumps that come from our Pondmaster and ProLine models. This means that the Danner Mfg products within these lineups are more than capable of serving double duty for different purposes or settings. This also means that your customers can potentially kill two birds with one stone, providing additional value for what would normally otherwise be an expensive doubling up of functionality.

As such, developing a partnership with Danner Mfg provide the quality products your customers expect as well as a solid R&D department always on the lookout for the next big thing coming down the pipeline. This also ensures that any new development in the industry will be seamlessly integrated with existing models for continued excellence. To stay ahead of the pack, contact us today to find out how you can become a certified dealer of Pondmaster, ProLife, Supreme, and the entire Danner Mfg brand family.


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