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When it comes to Danner Mfg pond water pumps, we offer a wide range of options that come from two major brands: Pondmaster and Proline. Both brands are owned and manufactured by Danner Mfg which means you can rest easy knowing we put our reputation and business on the line no matter which lineup you choose. Unlike some other manufacturers which either only have a singular in-house brand or worse simply provide the point of assembly for products that were actually manufactured elsewhere, all of Danner’s pond water pumps are made and distributed from our site in New York.

For instance, we make a wide variety of different types of pond water pumps to appeal to all niches of the market. If your customer has a larger pond, perhaps on a commercial property, then you will want to make sure you have either a Pondmaster or a ProLine Hy-Drive pond water filter to provide plenty of aerated water for the fish and plant life in the water. Of course, plenty of situations will call for other solutions; thankfully, Danner Mfg likely has an answer for whatever problems your customers encounter.

If your customers have a private pond that they stock with fish, not only will they want a pond water pump to ensure that the aquatic life has plenty of oxygen, they will want to make sure that the pump itself does not accidentally damage the life within the pond. Things like the sonic and vibrational noise generated by traditional electric motors can scare away fish or even stress them out to the point that they die. This is where you will want to make sure you have a mag drive water pump on hand.

Whatever concerns your customers need to be addressed, Danner Mfg has a solution on the horizon. Another great example of this includes the numerous options that Danner Mfg provides to help ensure that your customers’ pond maintenance is as eco-friendly as possible. With climate change beginning to cost people money and wreaking havoc on ecosystems everywhere, More and more customers are beginning to seriously consider the impact of their consumer choices. If you do not have the newest products and technologies to meet these shifting demands, your customers may look elsewhere for more innovative dealers who can see the future as clearly as a pond filtered with a Danner Mfg product.

Whether your customers need a product that can handle a significantly larger capacity than most others, a pump that is sensitive to stressed out fish, or a pump that is cognizant of the ecological realities we will soon face, Danner Mfg offers a wide variety of products that not only sets the industry standards but consistent leads the pack. On top of that, the specialized products are made hand in hand with the other water and pond maintenance products we manufacture to ensure that all the products work together for customer convenience as well as bundle and sale campaigns.

Finally, both the Pondmaster and ProLine brands have a wide variety of various products which are all designed to work together. This allows your customers to build a modular pond maintenance system without worry that they will get gouged somewhere along the way or run into a compatibility issue. The ease with which your customers can design and construct their pond maintenance systems will further entice them to keep improving upon the system they have so that it can support a larger, more diverse ecosystem.

With so many options and niches catered to, it can be a bit difficult to figure out which pond water pumps are the most valuable to your customers. To find out more about which Danner Mfg pond water pumps would be best for your customers, contact us toll-free for a consultation. Become a dealer of Danner Mfg branded pond water pumps today, making your customers happy and your job that much easier.


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Pond Air Pumps - Supply from Manufacturer

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Air pumps are definitely not the standard most customers choose when building a pond maintenance system because of their inherent limitations. However, it is always important to make sure you have all of your niches covered, so your customers do not feel the need to look towards competitors to satisfy their system’s needs. Keep in mind, it is entirely reasonable that your customers will want or need both a pond water and air pump for different reasons.

Generally, pond air pumps are used for those bodies of water that are significantly deeper than they are broad. Of course, if your customers are filling a personal fishing pond, then there is a good chance that they need a pond air pump just to keep up with the oxygen needs of their fish. This also often applies to larger, outdoor systems that do not exactly fit into the neat categories everybody uses. For instance, a Koi pond will often be constructed more similarly to an aquarium or even a fountain rather than what most people think when they hear the word “pond.”

That said, since pond air pumps are a bit more specialized and used for more particular circumstances than pond water pumps, the selection is a bit more limited than with other product categories. However, just because the number of options is more limited does not mean that Danner Mfg feels comfortable or content enough to rest on the laurels of its other products that are inherently more popular with the market.

Still, it is important to understand that smaller retailers, especially in regions with a lower population, may not be able to support a consistent demand for pond air pumps. While we realize that this could potentially impact our total sales, we feel it is important to be as honest and forthright with our dealers as we are with the customers who will eventually purchase our products. To find out how to become a dealer of Danner Mfg branded pond air pumps today, contact us on the web or call toll-free.


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Pond Filters - Supply from Manufacturer

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Pond water filters often fall into a similar category as pond air pumps in regards to a customer’s pond maintenance system. By this, we mean that pond water filters are commonly included as part of a pond water pump system. Of course, depending on your region or the ecosystem of your customers’ ponds, the water pump filters may need a little bit of extra help to keep the water clean and healthy for the life within.

Of the potential “ancillary” pond maintenance system products, the pond water filter is likely a bit more common than the air pumps--though if you are located in a region with a number of private fishing ponds, both types of products will likely be in high demand. That said, even if the ponds in your region are devoid of most fish, they are almost certainly not devoid of life. Flora and algae will make their home in these ponds before too long, and if left unchecked, they can quickly take over the body of water and make inhospitable to other forms of life.

Not only will this ruin the aesthetic of your customers’ ponds, but it will also make it more difficult for them to use their pond for alternative purposes in the future. It is often significantly easier to keep invasive or deleterious life out of a pond in the first place than it is to get it out once it has already gotten in. This principle applies doubly for microorganic life forms that are often less sensitive than more complex life and more difficult to remove entirely. In fact, depending on the infestation, it is entirely possible that your customers would have to drain the pond and start from square one depending on the organism.

This is where pond water filters come into play, though, much like pond air pumps, they are often a bit more specialized in terms of which customers need them. If you are located in a warmer, humid region, chances are your customers will deal with more algae and other types of growth than dealers whose customers live in colder and/or more arid regions. In this case, some dealers should absolutely make sure they carry a sizable pond water filter section while others can likely get away with a smaller stock.

Yet again, a smaller company that is family-owned lives and dies based on its reputation, so we are far more interested in ensuring that you get the products your customers are liable to need more so than wringing additional sales that could cause problems down the line. If you have any questions regarding what products are commonly bought and sold in your region, feel free contact us about becoming a dealer, so we can make sure that you get set up with the stock that your customers want without upselling a bunch of products they do not just to make an extra buck.

Still, if you do service a rural area or may need to offer additional pond filtration systems to your customers, get in touch with us today, toll-free to become an authorized dealer of Danner Mfg water maintenance products in general and the top-tier Pondmaster lineup in particular. Whether your customers need it immediately or not, having a direct line to one of the best water maintenance manufacturers in the country is always a win-win for everyone involved.


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Your customers’ time is just as valuable as yours, and they will not simply put up with questionable products--especially when it comes to the biome of their pond. That is why you need to pick the right wholesaler, so your customers do not have to spend additional time at your location getting their new purchases repaired or replaced. This dynamic is inconvenient for all parties involved and is likely to affect your business as much as it will the brand causing the problem.

That is why Danner Mfg makes it a point to not only provide some of the most reliable products in a market that has inherent difficulties, but Danner Mfg provides a full suite of products for different types of consumers. Remember, the man who owns a small pond on a summer home’s property does not need the same kind of pond maintenance equipment that a high school which will require a different arrangement of pond maintenance equipment than a state park will.

Regardless, many man-made ponds and other man-made water systems will often require additional equipment to maintain. However, ponds have a tendency to be far more open systems than many of the other types of water systems customers have--whether consumer-grade or commercial in the setting. This ultimately has more to do with the size and shape of the pond as well as the different type of life residing therein.

If your customers have a fully-stocked fishing pond, they will likely need a fair amount of infrastructure to ensure that the fish are healthy and can grow to their maximum potential. On the other hand, if your customers are more likely to have a simply sitting pond on their property, a smaller maintenance system will likely suffice their needs. Of course, those needs can change right along with the pond should your customers decide they want a different system arrangement.


That is why Danner Mfg made it a point to produce not simply a one size fits all type of lineup but instead offers a number of different pond maintenance products through our Pondmaster and ProLine models. To find out more about the different pond maintenance products Danner Mfg offers and become an authorized dealer of Danner Mfg branded products, contact us today toll-free.


With over 80 years of experience and a business model that has focused on attention to detail and quality craftsmanship over cutting corners along with costs, Danner Mfg prefers to lead the industry on the back of dedication and performance rather than fluff and flash. Of course, if you want to appeal to the aesthetic side of your customers, Danner Mfg can accommodate that need as well.

It is important to remember that, despite its market share and list of illustrious in-house brands, Danner Mfg is a smaller, family-owned business that cannot afford to hide behind our corporate organizational chart. If we fail, we fail not only ourselves and our legacy, we also fail the dozens of families that rely on our business to support themselves. Without the luxury of a publicly traded parent company to bail us out should we have a bad run, Danner Mfg must ensure its high standards remain consistently high or face a crisis of confidence that could be difficult to overcome--especially without the multi-million dollar marketing budget that a lot of other companies enjoy.

We mention this particularly here because aquariums are some of the most notoriously difficult biomes to balance--and the difficulty only increases once you bring in non-native life to the region. While dealing with pH balances, salinity, and innumerable other variables is frustrating enough, your customers want to know that there is at least one part of the process that is reliable as well as easy. While we may not be able to exactly help your customers with the “ease” portion of their preferences, we can at least provide reliable and effective products to help maintain their aquarium systems.

That said, aquariums do have significantly more details in regards to what the best system should look like--and that system can change with just the addition or subtraction of a single fish or type of underwater plant. Not only that, but most consumer-grade aquarium systems use resilient and adaptable life--both flora and fauna--such that more than one kind of aquarium system will work. It is not only your duty to be able to provide those customers with the products they need but to know which systems will work best with their aquarium.

That is why Danner Mfg offers a wide range of products within the aquarium system maintenance niche. That being the case, the most specialized products we offer for aquariums are made under the Supreme brand name. While we may caution you against a “better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it” way of thinking about other water system maintenance categories, aquarium products are generally the most reliable sellers. As such, even you do not have a current demand for some of these categories, we find dealers are better off ensuring that they can at least accommodate the various different types of aquarium systems out there as they are incredibly popular with both consumer-grade and commercial customers alike. If you are in the market for high-end aquarium products, contact Danner Mfg today to find out about becoming one of our authorized dealers today.

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